Argumentative Essay On Smart Phones

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You might be wondering what nomophobia means, well in this essay I will be writing all about this term.
The subject I’m going to write about is quite wide but fairly interesting. The topic is about phones and why we get easily obsessed with them. I personally am very interested in this topic, because I cannot function without my cellphone. I’ve had personal experiences and musings about this topic, for that reason I am very intrigued and eager to look deeper into the matter. I’d like to understand what makes this an obsession and the reliance that we have over our smart phones. Yes, nomophobia is real; it is a term to describe the fear of being out of cellphone/mobile device contact or unable to maintain communication using a device.
Some of the things I would like to shine light on is why do we get so easily obsessed with smart phones? What makes us so reliant on them and have a constant need to stay up to date

We can say that there are a lot of different factors that play a big part on why as people get easily attached to our phones. Of course the reasons can be different depending on the person, but there are a couple of main factors that many, including my close circle of acquaintances agree on. Our smartphones are like an extension of ourselves, we take them everywhere we go even to places where phones are a bit unfitting; like bathrooms.
56 % check their phones before going to bed, which is bad since it causes and triggers insomnia and even depression
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