Argumentative Essay On Smart Teacher

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According to EDLA3016 (2015) an argumentative essay “requires a combination of technique, factual content and effective writing on the part of the student”. For an argumentative essay to be tactically written, a student must first understand the structure of an argumentative essay and should be well informed about the topic to be discussed. In this way, the student avoids ambiguity and fallacies in their responses. With reference to the student who has written this essay, some understanding of the requirements of this writing technique is evident but there is a litany of errors in its structure, internal elements like mechanics, grammar and presentation of content.

A befitting introduction briefly puts into perspective the topic, and the
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In the opening statement, she makes a comparison about school resources and its availability between countries. This is good as it shows that the student has a general awareness of her country’s status as compared to others and could work in this essay. However, she proceeded to give her opinion again as she believes that her country has “smart teachers”, “…we still have smart teachers who are willing to work hard to ensure that their students stand a better chance at survival in a world that is crowded with educated people”. Saying that her country has “smart teachers” is an over generalized statement as it insinuates that only her country has “smart teachers” when there is no evidence to support this claim and as such does not fit well here. Further, saying that the teachers ensure that “their students stand a better chance at survival in a world that is crowded with educated people”, seems to be a bit farfetched as realistically teachers can help prepare students but there are many factors that influence peoples survival in all aspects in the world. Also, saying that the world is “crowded with educated people” is another hasty generalization because in reality, this certainly is not so and too, saying someone is educated can have a range of…show more content…
Persuasion appeals to reason as well as the emotion. The student is arguing, “Arguing is a heated discussion that might not be based on any logic and might also not be leading to any sensible position because of the heightened emotions involved”( EDLA2106,2015). No conventions of argument were employed: persuasive techniques or devices, thesis, solid points and refutation. The students got swept away by their own argument and made illogical indications. Conclusively, the biased manner in which the viewpoint was argued lack factual content and the disregard for abiding by the structure and requirements of an argumentative essay lead to her
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