Argumentative Essay On Snowmen Analysis

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About eight hours ago, a heavy snow warning was issued for the entire city of McKay. Other than the heavy snow currently forecast, the stocky balding man before the camera predicted it should be like any other winter day in Ohio. Whispered rumours of an oncoming storm came from the retired cotton farmer, a migrant from rural Arkansas. However, given the town's secluding from any major cities, there were no other weather experts close enough to confirm the rumours. Besides, the people had no real reason to doubt the weatherman - after all, he was well educated and made promises to broadcast updates should there be any changes. So, with his assurance, the citizens went about their daily routines, expecting to see snowmen being built in private yards, and the list wave of university students hurrying around the shopping district to gather supplies for their upcoming classes.

Nearly six hours later the meteorologist came back on the air to issue a blizzard warning for the town, claiming that the storm would hit around eight that evening. The retired farmer, cozied up in a booth at Josie's Diner, scoffed at the broadcast. Ingrid, one of the waitresses who'd been
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So, with her plastic bin full of dishes sloshing around, Ingrid went to the register. "Don't worry about that Gilbert now, deary. This'll be his first winter outside Arkansas; the blizzards here are just flurries. For the last four years Weatherman McDowell says the same thing " She gave a reassuring smile and winked, though Avelyn still wasn't put totally at ease. "Why don't you go on and head out? Thomas can take over when he gets done in the back. Go on and get warm; a popsicle can't work the register now, can they?" The younger woman thanked her kindly, folded her apron to put under the register, and left as soon as she could grab her bag from the back
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