Argumentative Essay On Social Apathy

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Social apathy, which is a lack of care, concern or emotion for the other people in society, stir up much controversy in recent years because increasing cases of bystanders turned a blind eye to crime victims are widely reported. Considering different perspectives and evidence of social indifference in modern generation, I am firmly convinced that social apathy is not a problem in today’s world. Mentally, individuals have positive attitudes instead of insensitivity about helping. Also, a variety of approaches is used to demonstrate the concern to each other in action. In addition, Failure to help may not equal to social apathy completely, perhaps there are other affecting factors. To start with, individuals have positive attitudes instead of insensitivity about helping to show their care and sympathy to others. When ones are pleased to assist, they tend to take attention to the person in distress and willing to give a helping hand to them. According to Time, Payne, Gainey (2011) and Samaritan survey (2015), most respondents agree that they will help because the moral thing to do. It reflects they recognize assisting is moral and the behavior of turning a blind eye as socially improper. Obviously, most seem to be voluntary to serve the needs. Moreover, Social norms emphasize the importance of supporting and enhance the motivation of that in people’s mind. In view of this, basically, the helpful mindset of individuals eliminate unconcern in the community, thus social
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