Argumentative Essay On Social Media

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1 Alan varghese INRW April, 12, 2017 Social media Social media is a very important thing in our day to day life, we literally use it every day without social media just imagine how the society would be ? but it also weakens out brain to focus on one thing and to complete our task. So is social media actually helpful to our brain or it is just weakening our ability to think? most of the community believes that social media is helping out society to grow and I believe that too. Yes, sure there are some drawbacks to it there is nothing in the world where there is no drawback to anything it is our decisions to get most out of it, social networking provide many researchers to a bigger society allowing them to reach their goal. Here are some reason why social media is very important to or life It helps us save a lots of time, if we have to send any message to our friend we don 't have to go to them and tell we can just use social media. social media society is a very big community we can spread our information in matter of seconds, if we want to find some things use google or other search engines we will find the answers in matter of seconds. just post a video that is strong and you thing it can go viral sometimes it can actually happen and it can make a lots of changes to the community or if you start a business that you think people are going to buy and like and make a link or a website and post in social media like Facebook, Instagram if it really helps the community it is
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