The Positive Impact Of Social Media On Society

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Did you know that Google has answered over 450 million unique queries since 2003? Social media has always been a platform for answering and sparking new ideas for millions of people around the world. It is the driving force of almost all ideas in the minds of innovative people around us. Social media has really arisen as a positive force in the world through all that it has done in society. If you thought that social media was just a platform to spark new ideas you thought wrong. Social media is way more than what you might think it is. For example, in the book Social Media: Like It or Leave It Rebecca Rowell states, “One of social media’s positives is its ability to act as a teaching tool. Tutorials cover a variety of topics, such…show more content…
These tutorials that people put out allows viewers of all ages to engage in learning new things everyday. It may also inspire others to make their…show more content…
In the website article titled “The Positive Impact of Social Networking Sites on Society” it states, “It has never been easier to make friends than it is right now… The rise of mobile phones helped change this, connecting people in an new way.” The rise of social media has greatly impacted the lives of many people. With social media, the ability to make friends is way easier than in real life. All you really have to do to start is send a few messages to each other and move on from there. If at times you don’t know what to say, you actually have some time to think. In real life, when you are talking to someone new and you don’t know what to say on the spot, you are essentially doomed. That situation ends up being awkward for both people and also ends up being the way you definitely didn’t want your first impression to go. Social media can help you make friends in more ways too. For example, when people start online debates about the most random topics you might like another person’s opinion which they shared online. From there you might DM (direct message) each other and understand more about them and their opinions. If we were talking about real life, this situation would have ended up totally different. The person that shared their brilliant idea online might be very shy in person. So even if they had debates of some sort he/she may have never

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