Power Of Makeup Video Analysis

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“Ew look at her, she is such a catfish,” is what a person will most likely say as they are scrolling through instagram looking at pictures that are being posted online. “Why can 't I look like that?” is what a person will think when they are not confident enough in themselves. As much as people hate to admit it, opinions do matter. The smallest judgements that others say about you will have you wondering about it continuously throughout the day. Social media is an easy access platform that allows users to create and share information and to get involved in social networking. Not only can they create their own accounts, but they also get a chance to get connected with others. The reason as to why society nowadays are glued to social media is…show more content…
On the other half, she leaves it completely makeup free. The purpose of this video is to show others to love yourself no matter if you wear makeup or not. Nikkie describes how society has a stereotype of those who wear makeup. She gives off examples of how most people who don’t wear makeup think that those who do are either insecure, do it for attention, or don’t love themselves. What Nikkie is trying to get others to understand is that makeup is such a passion for many. A lot of the time, girls are put to shame for wearing makeup. “It is almost a crime to love wearing makeup,” as Nikkie talks about in the video. Makeup is indeed a passion. Many people come to think that it is useless. What they fail to realize is that it is also a way of expressing oneself. Makeup can help in so many ways, as well as boosting…show more content…
Each of them had their own specific insecurities that they were not really proud of. Their daughters were asked the same question and came out with the same responses. Dove draws the attention to young girls who aren’t confident enough in themselves. Not only do the young girls lack confidence, but so do women, in this case, their mothers. Dove tries to prove to most of the female audience that “confidence is contagious.” The more you see those around you feel beautiful, the more influenced you will feel

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