Argumentative Essay On Social Media

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Thesis/ Abstract
The government’s use of social media as one form of communication, can be seen as a benefit- if used correctly; it is an effective way to facilitate communication with a wide demographic which can spread news faster. The use of contact through social media, by the government (specifically in the United States) fosters a connection from the government to the people. This can aid the U.S. by unifying and connecting people with the state. The consequences of this transmissions or “posts”, would include allowing the government to post bias or opinionated comments, and allow the government to release posts for their causes.
The author understands that though there are additional countries that have adapted to using social media for broadcasting, but to get a better look of the evolution of social media with the public and identify the positive and negative effects on its usage through political figures, this paper will be focusing on one specific population with full access to social media; the United States. The author also has not participated in any form of social media and though this variable can be seen as a limitation, this has actually given the author a more objective lens to use for the research of social media.
In order to better understand these transmitions of messages to the united states What is social media?
Social media to some would be referred to as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat etc. Though most don’t consider the sites such as Wikipedia,
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