Argumentative Essay On Social Media

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Faith Thao
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Social Media
Ever wonder what the influences social media has brought to our society? Have you noticed that social media has always been brought up to our attention all the time? Ever thought that social media has a big impact to people’s lives? As some might argue, social media is used for connection with friends and families and many more which is understandable and important. Statistics show that 78.5% of us use social media to check for breaking news, 70-93% of us use social media to stay connected with friends and families. Social media can help improve life satisfaction, stroke recovery, memory retention, and being involved with a large social group. However, do you notice that social media is turning into a cyberbully environment where people are being talked about on their looks, culture, race, identity, gender, and many more? Social media can lead to cyberbullying because of how others react to posts.

To begin, if an individual were to post something negative about someone else, that person being targeted will react through anger, fear, sadness. No one likes the feeling of being talked about, it is not cool nor funny. Statistics show that 87% of the people who are online witness the cyberbullying that is being done compared to the 20-24% who report what is being done and takes a stand. This proves that we would rather watch someone get targeted at than to say something that could make a difference. Do we not have respect for one another? Even

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