Argumentative Essay On Social Media

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Social interact in society media communications advice tool in cyberspace so are familiar to our ears today almost all circles use them from children to Adult all use the name of their social media and social media the limitations of humans to socialize, the limits of space and time, with human social media it is possible to communicate with each other wherever they are and whenever, no matter how far they are, and no matter day or night Why I chose this theme, because social media is very neede in the community of his example, in the world of work people in the office is in need of its name social media can be for work or to enter tain themselves so social media now has become a necessity in society so my opinion of social media is bad for minors, for example they prefer to watch youtube rather than read the book so in fact not all content on youtube content thing under 13- so if not without parental supervision it will be very dangerous and also social media will people in social interaction with the surrounding environment will tend to stay busy with their mobile " so I took instagram instances The younger the users, the less utilities they see in Instagram and its stories. The postings shown in Instagram Stories are regarded as the present generation as a chaos that is not in the hands of their lives such as bully in social media against children or adviescent it is very necessary to be considered for it can be bad for the psychologi impact foe the

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