Argumentative Essay On Social Media

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A recent high school graduate is going through a check list, but checking social media may have to be on the checklist before applying for college.( “Cartwright”). It is time to apply for college as students are rechecking their application they may have to check all of their social media. During the admission process social networking has had a positive impact. Also Social networking can improve the admissions process.College administers should view social media profiles because colleges can find information about students, eighty-eight percent of college admissions believed that social media was important in recruiting students, and Social media can raise concerns about students.

College administers can find potential students through social media. Critics argue that checking other people’s social media is illegal (“Lee” ). “96.6% of four-year institutions use Facebook to recruit students.” (“procon”). Next universities are turning to social media more to find people who are interested in going to college. College admissions officers said that they googled students to learn more about them.( “Kaplan”). It is important for colleges to know information about their students before accepting them in. For instance social media can act as an extended resume( “Lee” ). People can find certain information like where you worked at before or when your birthday is on social media. College administers can find high school graduates looking for a college based on their social media.

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