How Is Social Media Helpful

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Social Media Many people say that society’s problems are growing, but social media is helping all of us. Ever since this technology was first created it has made our lives better and more fun. Social media have become the most effective way of communication today. Therefore, social media are helping us to concentrate better and become less obese. The United States has the highest rate of obesity in the world. Social media are providing us with better communication, teaching us how to use profanity but in a good way, and increasing laziness. It is amazing to see someone sitting next to you in a hospital and texting his friends by using profanity, isn’t that great? Opening memes in chemistry class help us pour acid with iron and then we will watch more memes…show more content…
Texting and driving are one of the things that teenagers do while driving yet, they are scared to do it but they still do it. Acronyms are good while driving and then still end up in a hospital bed. Why not read a book in the park rather than sitting on a phone texting your friends? Accidents percentage has been increasing rapidly only from a small pixel screen called “smartphone”. Texting while driving won’t help when parking a car but only when bored and don’t do any sports rather than sitting on the “smartphone”.
Laziness is wonderful since it keeps the teenager sitting on the couch and won’t move anything but only his fingers. It helps them get better grades in school since they are studying for everything every day. This is also called productivity, the teenager is finally doing something in his life like not studying.
Teenagers will have to talk to humans face to face not via social media. There will be no sneaking into the bathroom to text friends or hide the phone between laps when your math teacher thinks you are doing your pre-calculus class work. Finally, students will not have to use a calculator to know two times one equals
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