Argumentative Essay On Social Media

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Imagine driving down the road and looking out the window at other people in the cars alongside you, most of the people you look at will have their phones out talking or texting on them. In this day and age phones along with various other forms of technology are very prevalent in the everyday lives of people. Most people do not realize just how toxic technology can be. Today many people lack social skills, people are losing speech ability, and many teens suffer under severe cyberbullying. Social media is something that everybody should be aware of in the context of how it affects one’s everyday life, and how it affects the people around them. Lack of social skills is seeming to be a big problem on the rise for a a lot of people. There is about a total of forty million people in the U.S., out of this forty million fifteen million are afflicted with social anxiety(Egen). A large amount of this fifteen million is due to lack of face to face communication which causes lack of social skills so people do not know how to deal with large groups of people, or any people at all. Many miss out on the close connected relationships all people should have because they occur over the phone instead of in person(“The Negative”). Personal relationships are an important part of everyone’s life and are not something that should be void from someone 's life because of social media. Although face to face communication will not solve all social anxiety problems, it would help a great deal.

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