Argumentative Essay On Social Media

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Social media is the means of connecting people together via the access to the wide web. It includes sharing, communicating and a large variety of other things. However, social media is ironically making us less social in real life situations. For example, nowadays at any café it is guaranteed to find at least a small group of friends/family sitting down and are not interacting with each other as they are using social media through their smartphones or tablets. Social media gives us a virtual world in which we control making us portray ourselves the way we want to, makes us lose authentic interaction with friends and family, people use social media as a channel to express their thoughts and feelings rather than opening up to family or friends, lastly the usage of social media consumes valuable time that could’ve been used for more of a productive cause.
We get to portray ourselves the way we want to instead of showing the real us, it’s like we are self-promoting ourselves, we can control what we say the whole time. “Take Tinder for instance. You 've painstakingly chosen a picture which you believe best represents you as a person.” (Jodie Gummow, 2014). What the author meant is that we can show ourselves online as the happiest people on this planet but inside we can be sad, we show ourselves as perfect. This is a growing problem in the new generation as it disables them from opening up about their problems to other people. People often go out together, but for some reason are

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