Argumentative Essay On Social Media

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Social media has become a major role in the average American’s life. Everywhere you go you can find a person tweeting, messaging through Facebook, or snapping a picture of their every move. The media platform has become more and more negative throughout the years. Regardless of the positive perception people display on the web, an individual 's level of happiness is decreased due to the false apprehension of contentment flaunted across the internet.
Social media has become a competition for teens and even adults all around the world. People are constantly competing to see who has the most followers and likes. Seeing beautiful girls with thousands of likes and followers can make a young teen feel insecure. People are persistently trying to prove that they live a perfect life when in reality they most likely do not. Richard Schooh wrote, “...happiness has become the ultimate luxury item.” People have become so infatuated with social media they often forget the true meaning of happiness. Men and women and even children have begun to rely on material things to make them happy when true happiness should come from surrounding ourselves with family and friends. A lot of post today are only made for attention. Women exploit themselves less modestly for likes, followers, and comments. A large amount of individuals flash a fancy lifestyle and large amounts of money when things are not exactly as they seem. According to Susan David, “we rely less on quick conclusions and pay more
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