Argumentative Essay On Social Media

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People always hear about the hot new social media app and they “have” to download it, but what they don’t know is social media is only encouraging people to be open about their private lives. Studies have shown that a vast majority of over 95% of Americans owns a smartphone and over 1.96 billion people on social media. Teens enjoy to text their friends while they are driving, but what they don’t know is over 1.6 million crashes have occurred because of the use of a cell phone while behind the wheel. Social media has been proven to have a major impact on teens, including irregular or disordered sleeping patterns, a decrease in the ability to concentrate low or decreased self-esteem while using social media, etc. Social Networking is not pivotal to look further into the employee or student seeing that someone could have hacked your account, employers may use it to an advantage, and could ruin college students’ futures. Someone could have hacked your accounts. Additionally, there are options available to help with this issue. Using facial-recognition software, they matched the faces to pictures posted on sites similar to Facebook then they were able to attach names, dates of birth, and occasionally even Social Security numbers to the faces by using online data.” (Currie, 32). This proves that people post way too much on their social media, but still don’t understand the risks/dangers of social media, how one simple selfie can lead into someone figuring out all your private
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