Argumentative Essay On Social Security

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The United States of America’s economic structure has always been changing. In all of these gradual and natural changes, there are underlining walls that are set up in terms of the economy functioning as a whole. Social security has been one of the biggest aspects to our economic system. Acting as a parent, it makes a citizen put some funds aside for the future. Recently, the citizens and some elected officials have questioned its legitimacy in today’s society. It helped get America out of the great depression. The whole entire value of the dollar flipped when the stock market crashed in 1929. The years of poverty were burdensome, but that was a long time ago. Are we stable enough as a well established country? The public is concerned with…show more content…
People want all the benefits promised to them later down the road. This worry is comes from a system that forcefully removes money out of every single paycheck somebody gets. Currently, with demographic pressures and lack of reformations, 75 percent of promised benefits would be attainable (New York Times). That currently means roughly 25 percent of americans who pay social security tax, will not reap the benefits. There is no determinant of who gets what benefits. Also, there is a broad spectrum of citizens (baby boomers) who have been paying sc for generations, but there generational size and needs pulls more from the system make it not proportionate to what’s coming in (National academy of social insurance). America’s population differences in size have always been different from other generations. By function, social security is set up for payment of future generations (Pew Research). It’s going to be a downhill spiral if one fourth of a population will not get their benefits, in return causing a disaster. The true attestment of change is whether complete depletion of the program, or an a black hole gradually growing is the best plan for
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