Argumentative Essay On Solitary Punishment

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The crime rates are ballooning grotesquely over the time. Every individual walks precariously each day, as the gregarious animals of the society make it difficult for them to survive. Those who commit crimes and violate the laws of the society are punished with imprisonment depending on the profundity of offences committed by them. The graver the offence, the worse the punishment.
Solitary confinement is a place where prisoners who’ve committed devastating crimes are put in isolation for 22 to 24 hours a day. It is considered humane by some people as it not only protects other prisoners from that person but also gives the prisoner time to ponder upon himself. However, there is a growing human rights movement in some parts of the world against solitary confinement as they believe this torturing gives birth to everlasting
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It does not make a criminal a better person, however, the chances are that either he will come out as a better person with regrets of his past or he will have a grouse against the society and come out as a person with revengeful feelings.
No one is born a criminal; it is the society and certain conditions that compel a person to commit crimes. Punishments are given to criminals, aiming to reform them and turn them into good citizens.
Inmates are placed in these isolation units for a number of reasons ranging from protecting the other prisoners, to providing justice. Solitary confinement prevents from any harm. An abundance of inmates are in prison for committing murder. Therefore, it cannot be guaranteed that they would not kill anyone while staying in prison. There are gang members who fight for their life and try to lead other gangs within the jail. Through solitary confinement, the rights of prisoners are protected. Not only are the prisoners protected from the inmates, the guards of cells are also given the
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