Argumentative Essay On Soul Surfer

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Are you afraid of being attacked by a shark? Bethany Hamilton wasn’t until she was attacked by a shark. In the book Soul Surfer written by Bethany Hamilton is about how Bethany lost her arm in a shark attack while surfing. She thought her surfing career was over, but Bethany didn’t give up on surfing and kept pushing herself to learn how to surf with one arm. In the beginning of the book Bethany explains her life and her love to surf. Next, Bethany gets attacked by a shark and she takes us through her recovery process. Then she becomes famous and travels around the world for interviews, and T.V shows. At the end of the book Bethany relearns how to surf and starts to compete and win at competitions again. Bethany did not give up on her passion and decides to get back into the water and surf for the first time after the attack.

“The doctor order me to stay out of the water until everything was healed up… I decided I would go down to the beach and just watch… but of course, I couldn’t stand just to do that. The water, the breeze, it was all to tempting”(Hamilton 177).

After Bethany’s attack, she thought her career was over, but Bethany did not let this challenge to stop her from pursuing her dream. She followed her dream and never stopped believing in herself, and because she never gave up on her dream Bethany won multiple competitions after the attack and became a well known surfer around the world. First off, the climax of the book is when Bethany gets attacked by a
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