Argumentative Essay On Spanking

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In today 's society, we tend to be about change, trying to find alternatives for anything we suspect the worst. We try to find alternative ways of eating, exercising, healing, etc. Spanking has become an act that many want to find an alternative to, with people relating spanking to abuse, and that spanking could be the worst possible thing in this world because, "developmental researchers have come to the conclusion, not always supported by research, that hitting their children under the guise of punishment is contributing to this rise in violence"(O 'Donnell) This could be the reason why we have people telling us that it 's rough parenting to spank, but maybe a spanking might be the last resort when nothing else works. One actress,…show more content…
The article tailors itself to the extremes and makes it seem as if every child is the same. As someone who studies children, there 's a known fact that not all children are the same. One child could respond in one way of raising while another could respond better to a different technique. I am a sibling and the eldest. We 're to lead by example and to be more mature while you 're also to teach your young sibling(s) the right way to go about life. Also if you 're the oldest sibling that also means that you are the first child. This child is usually the "tester" child. They 're the ones who are going through trial and error, so the parents know how to handle the next child (if there is going to be more children). Yes, there are natural caregivers, but not all of them are, " moms and dads with chore charts that actually work and snack-sized bags of organic baby carrots at the ready"(Kahzan). However, no parent has that experience with their first child, they are too busy trying to figure out what kind of stain is on the carpet because they fell asleep watching them due to their child waking them up at all hours of the night. They 're also too busy doing other activities like karate, boy and girl scouts, teen leadership meetings, grocery shopping to realize that their house is now a pigsty. They are now so stressed that the only feeling

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