Argumentative Essay On Sports

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Competitive Argument Essay Brady Hurst: (5 Pieces of Evidence)
Subtopic: High Impact Sports have a Higher Injury Rate

Injuries. They happen to all of us and yet you don’t think it but, sometimes the things that hurt us aren’t even from car crashes and accidents. It’s from the choices we make by joining competitive sports. Some think that the injuries of competitive sports will teach you lessons and help you in the next big game. History shows that many injuries happen and it helps build character. But, some people say no to competitive sports. Some question if sports are even ok with kids 5 to 10. Because if they get a concussion they could lose their memory and it could get worse. So I believe that kids 5 to 10 shouldn’t play competitive sports.
In all sports, injuries can
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The people that push you to that limit or make you try your best to see themselves proud. The ones that make you join that sport. Combining that with the injury rate might just make it improve. According to NBC News, They say that “Kids would rather be on a losing team than sitting on the bench the whole time.” Becoming more competitive is not beneficial for kids. It tells them that they can win by tackling someone or slamming their baseball bat on the ground if they lose. When it comes to the parents it’s about stress that can lead to their anger issues. So if something doesn’t go their way they flip over it. Furthermore, anger issues can lead to more injuries. My Dad had a story when he was playing football and that someone grabbed him and chuck him to the ground. The wind was taken out of him all because the kid had anger issues. Kids lose their temper in the game and out. CNN says that “there is no one more of a role model than a parent.” Because if they push you to win or lose the pressure that is put on you can lead to anger issues. Because if they teach you to be a role model then you’ll be one for you kids or
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