Argumentative Essay On Sports Fans

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The research topic I am go to choose is on sport fans .A sport fan is a passionate follower of a sport who is usually as a spectator. I will like to understand the different type of sport’s fan because everyone supports his or her specific team in a different way. I will like to know how sports affect relationships with their friends and family members, how does sport affect their daily life, do they have a specific chant or ritual, how they act against someone who doesn’t follow their specific sports team, how much money they spend on the sport etc.
I will study this in my own community since many people are fans of many sports mostly football or basketball in my community. Coincidentally its football and basketball season now so it’s the perfect time to study these sport fans. I will go to sport events around my area to understand them.
It makes sense to study this in
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I will learn the history of the teams in New Jersey and New York the rivalries they have with other teams. As well as why they dislike certain teams and fan bases. I will research how many playoff appearances, final appearances and championships the specific teams have won. Where people gather for these sport events and what times they show it on TV.
The ethical issue I may face is may be some form of discrimination because I may not be fan of the same sports team as someone else or I am not a “true fan” as him or her. Another ethical issue is on people gambling illegally on a specific game.
The safety issues I may face if someone gets into a fight if they are fans of different teams. Alcohol makes someone people act much tougher then they actually so they may get into altercation because of that. The outcome of the game can affect people’s mood especially if they lost money or their fantasy team did poorly on specific day but these are all extreme cases. They way I will remain safe is to leave the
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