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" Becca, it 's ok, not everyone is the best at taking standardized test." My grandmother told me that the day I got the results of my ACT. The ACT is a standardized test that colleges and universities use, to determine what students are good enough to go through their admissions process. With subjects like Math, English, Reading, and Science the highest score anyone can make is a 36. But the average score is a 20. My score on the other fell just below average at a 17. I was so hurt by the score because I felt so confident about the test; I figured I at least made above a 20 this time. Instead I waited two months and three weeks to find out I made a 17. I was crushed I actually cried over it, the ACT really made me feel dumb. I didn’t…show more content…
I know I could have taken the test over, but I just couldn’t get myself to really do it I was too embarrassed. So I settled for the first school that took me, and the only school I applied to. Once I got my acceptance letter from Troy I was excited, thrilled even. I think once I started buying things that I needed, and actually set foot on the campus my love for Troy grew. With me entering Troy with a 17, I had to be admitted under conditional status. Which means I could only get 13 credit hours for my classes; and as a nursing major I have a lot of classes I have to take. I am behind on a lot of my classes because of my conditional status; and because I was placed in remedial math. Because I didn’t take the ACT over I now have to wait longer to be apart of the school of nursing program; because I have to finish the pre-required courses first.

I don’t regret that I dint take the ACT over but I wish I had. Simply because now I don’t have a scholarship, not having that means I have to take out student loans, and doing that means I have to pay it back once I finish school. The lesson learned from the ACT is, its ok, don’t let it define who you are as a student. That’s what I did and it hindered me from taking it again, I was scared

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