Argumentative Essay On Stem Cells

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Ron Reagan once said, “Stem cell research can revolutionize medicine, more than anything since antibiotics.” Stem cells have the possibility to become many different cell types and can be used to replenish other cells. The government should fund stem cell research because it has the possibility to help many people. Specialized cells that group together to form tissues that have specific functions in the body can be replenished with stem cells. Research of stem cells should be fully funded by the government because the cells have the possibility to become any other cell in the body.
All stem cells start out as unspecialized but will later become part of a specialized group of cells. A stem cell is able to develop into any type of cell.
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Blood forming stem cells found in bone marrow have been used for over 40 years. Adult stem cells can have the possibility to become an essential part in transplantation based therapies. In experiments scientists shown that adult stem cells can be reprogramed into different cell types. The stem cells are reprogramed by genetic modification. They can then replace cells that were destroyed because of a disease. Adult stem cells have the possibility to become like embryonic stem cells. By introducing embryo genes to the adult cells it can reprogram them. This allows the cells to originate from the donor and they won’t be foreign to the other cells in the body. Adult stem cells are less abundant than embryonic stem cells. They are found throughout the body in places like the heart, bone marrow, and the brain.
The other side of the issue wonders if the destruction of an embryo justified. I think that the government should provide funding for stem cell research. The cells in the fertilized embryo don’t begin to form systems or tissues until 14 days. The research of those cells will make advances in the medical field and will save countless
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