Argumentative Essay On Stop White People

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Stop white people 2k16 There is no such thing as reverse racism, or any other form of reversed oppression. While an African American man can be just as prejudiced as a white man, African Americans cannot be “just as racist as white people” because they do not hold political, economical, and institutional power. Yes. Any person of any identity can be prejudice to any person of any other identity. But that doesn’t make it oppression. It doesn’t even make it racism. This interpersonal interaction are reflections of and support structures for the larger problems of systematic inequality and oppression. We need to realize that no all hurtful words or actions are equal when certain ones are backed by a history and current system of domination, violence,…show more content…
Reverse racism is not real because racial prejudice directed at white people doesn’t have the weight of institutional oppression behind it. But this doesn’t mean that white people aren’t sometimes hurt by racial prejudice. This also doesn’t mean we should cater to white people’s feelings in conversations about racism or that this hurt isn’t in any way comparable to the hurt caused by racism. It is to say, though, that we as white folks need to talk about this concept in a new way when engaging other white people. If we never acknowledge the ways that white people feel wounded by interpersonal racial bigotry, we can’t push past this defensiveness to make change. Its legitimate to be hurt by language. And as a white folk, we can validate that hurt in other white people as we call them in to a conversation about racism. It’s not legitimate, however, to equate that attitude of speaking with racist language that reinforces the oppression of people of color. Yes, it can be a hurtful reaction, but equating racial prejudice against white folks with that experienced by people of color erases the often-invisible structures of oppression at play, and doing so ensures that we never actually deal with the root

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