Argumentative Essay On Street Art

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Artist Andy Warhol once declared, “Art is anything you can get away with.” Street art has had a rough history with lots of controversy over the topic of being considered an art in the art world. Most people think graffiti is just silly and has little meaning. The style graffiti portrays makes it stick out from the rest of the art styles because it has creative lettering and abstract images that are painted on walls around the globe. Graffiti should be considered art because it has lots of popularity, it has a message, and it is very creative. Graffiti is considered an art form and is becoming more popular all over the world. This type of artwork has transformed into “a more legitimate form of art through artists like Banksy, who has had his…show more content…
Creativeness is one thing graffiti is definitely not missing. Street art can add beauty to a city(Keady). Cities without street art are just fine but adding street art needs to always shows the authenticity and community. Not only can a community change but it also lights the place with life. Gangs and trouble are most always associated with a city but that is not always the case. Graffiti just expresses the beauty and talent there is in an area. There are many art festivals to help young people pursue their dreams and promote street art. Many of them are city funded(Is Graffiti Art or Vandalism ? Questions of Art, Advertising and Public Space). Cities even support graffiti because of its beauty. Graffiti has made its way from street art to professional art. Most graffiti artists are younger people so it is not always referred to as a ‘good’ form of art. That is mostly because of its troublesome reputation. Graffiti is a beautiful form of art though and it is ‘good’. In addition,“Graffiti artists have been around ever since there were walls and things to draw or paint with—so, forever really”(How Graffiti Artists Revitalize Communities). Surprisingly, graffiti is just classified as painting on a wall so most recognize it as being an older art. Street art is just a new version of older art like cave paintings. Although graffiti is not always referred to as art cave paintings are. Ultimately, graffiti comes from a past of cave paintings and great communities with creative

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