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Your parents might say that stress is working hard enough to provide food for their family, pay the debt and put some money away for university tuition. A coach might say that stress is losing a final soccer match by one goal in the last second. Your best friend might say that stress is writing an exam the day after the school dance. Stress doesn’t just come out of nowhere, everything in life has a cause and effect, and that is understood to be the nature of life. In the following essay, I will be supporting the claim, to the greater extent, that ‘stress kills’, and I will be doing so by looking at the impact that stress has on an individual’s health through the use of evidence in I/O psychology such as surveys and experiments in order to support this claim as well as provide a counter-argument, and finally formulate a final argument to support this claim.
According to Wheeler (2007), there has been great debate with regards to the definition of stress in the worlds of psychology, medicine and sociology. The term ‘stress’ derives from the field of physics where it refers to the quantity of force that is applied to something and it’s easy for us to see how that could be applied to human
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Research has shown that in the U.K, nearly 180,000 people die each year from some form of stress-related illness according to statistics from the Meridian Stress Management Consultancy. According to the centre for Disease Control and prevention of the United States, roughly 75% of all doctor’s visits are due to stress, and this comprises of a wide range of physical complaints such as back pain, sleeping problems, headaches, stomach ulcer, upset stomach, heart problems, as well as accidents (Simmons & Simmons,

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