Argumentative Essay On Student Loan

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In order to attend college,you do not need to take out a student loan.Studies show that 30% of student loan borrowers drop out of school, and then have to find a way to pay back their student loans on a high school graduate's salary.One way to succeed without student loans,is to be smart about your money. Save for your future and invest in retirement so you will be financially covered,while at the same you can still buy things you want with your income.Applying for scholarships is also a very good way to steer clear of taking out student loans,by getting a scholarship your cost for college is lowered tremendously. Since a lot of colleges keep specific scholarships from being published, it’s up to you to look for opportunities…show more content…
Along with scholarships,you can also achieve not having student loans by taking advantage of state or federal aid. Grants are also a good way to go and can come from federal or state governments,colleges and private organizations. As scholarships are often based on academic excellence, grants are based on students and their financial situation or other life standards. One thing to keep in mind about grants is that they sometimes carry a chance that they have to be paid back if a student withdraws from school early.To apply for grants,you can complete a federal student aid application to help you to find out if grants work for you.There are lots of grants from all kinds of organizations that are not hard to find and can help out a lot with college finances if you just look for them. One could argue that scholarships and grants are not for everybody,but I believe that if you were to really take the time to look for scholarship opportunities you would have a high chance of finding one for you.A lot of people also believe that financial aid is only available to those struggling with a low income,when it is actually available to a wide variety of students depending on certain factors.The most common scholarships today are the Tennessee promise,and the Tennessee Hope Scholarship.These can be obtained not by income,but by grades and community service hours.All in all one can find lots of scholarships and grants to apply for
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