Argumentative Essay On Student Loans

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Student loan debt loads have been spiraling, doubling over the last decade, and the enrollment rates of young people from lower socio-economic groups are rising far slower than middle and upper groups. Governments must recognize the renewed public investment in post secondary education is an economic and social imperative. 6.7 million borrowers in repayment mode are delinquent (Snider 1). The sad fact is that many lenders aren't exactly incentivized to work with borrowers. Unlike all other forms of debt, student loans can't be discharged in bankruptcy. Forgiveness programs can be lifesavers for borrowers drowning in student loan debt (Snider 1). However, jobs for recent grads are harder to find and salaries are lower, but that won't last forever; in spite of all of this, the data make clear that getting a college education is still a good idea. College graduates earn more and are more likely to have a job in the first place, and is especially important for some Americans (Webley 2). According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2010, the unemployment rate was 9.2 percent for those with only some college and more than 10 percent for those with just a high school degree, but it was 5.4 percent…show more content…
Student loans can be helpful, but when it's time to pay back, it can lead to future mental struggles and be stressful and hold you back from living the life you want to live in the long run. The student loan debt crisis in now only taking a huge toll on the personal lives of many Americans, but on the economy as well. Whether or not students graduate or not, if they pulled out student loans worth $200,000 they remain in debt for a remainder of years. As the problem continues to grow it becomes more and more critical to find a solution to help the well being of everyone in the nation, student or
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