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In the past, people were freaking out about how much fats were being consumed. After years of development, scientist found that it 's not only fats we must worry about, we must also worry of sugar. Sugar may be sweet and maybe heard of as an “empty calorie”. I think that this is just a lie we tell ourselves to make us feel better about consuming it. If we do not consume sugar in moderation it can cause many unwanted and life-threatening effects on our brain and body. It can cause health problems like fatty liver disease, diabetes, heart disease, tooth decay and bad cholesterol. It can also cause drowsiness, premature obesity, diabetes and heart disease in children as well as tooth decay and cholesterol problems. Sugar also slows down the metabolism causing the weight loss cycle to be harder and longer. What is sugar? Sugar is a sweet crystal substance. It comes from sugar cane and sugar beet and is found in fruits and veggies. Sugar is used as a sweetener and is sometimes used to add a bit of decoration to some food items. People may think that their food is bland, bitter or distasteful so they add some…show more content…
Refined sugar, and those in simple carbohydrates (like white flour bread), reason for most of the weight gain people experience after reaching maturity and before reaching maturity. Especially since level of physical activity has decreased in the U.S, and the level of sugar consumption has increased. Many people if not stopped from the high levels of sugar may not only experience obesity but they can experience worse obesity-related health issues like non alcoholic fatty liver disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, gallbladder and liver diseases, osteoarthritis, gynecological problems such as infertility, respiratory problems, sleep apnea and colon, breast and endometrial cancers, bad cholesterol and depression which leads to so many more health

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