Argumentative Essay On Suicide Bombers

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What type of person becomes a suicide bomber

Suicide bombers are people that do suicide attacks and do it because of they think God wanted them to do it. They do it because they think they’re promise a better afterlife. Their idea is killing himself or herself around people they are martyrs. These people are incarcerated at a certain age. The spiritual greatness of Cleansing the world and their lives to a holy battle. In some cases, radical groups use benevolence, suicide, and martyrdom to spread word that suicide bombing is a Godly act.
Terrorists frequently have an end of the world anarchy worldview and see the world as a simply example of good and evil. They also think through their actions, they can use their values of family, religion, and race to bring triumph of the good. Acting on the lord's behalf to defend these values is seen to be way more important than life.
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It is not that suicide bombers obey leadership or that they are pressured to terrorise. But their acts are a reaction to political oppression and the belief that their natural rights have been walkover on or unheard. For example, because life under military occupation is really humiliating, people believe that they will find a better afterlife. Several theorists write about the Palestinian suicide bombers and they argue that the suicide bomber was unable to express his citizen individuality while he was being held under occupation and also being unable to serve his society in constructive ways, So he just turned to a goal unheard of in this world." In short, he comes to believe that he has a Godly mission to struggle against the group's enemies and achieve its political goals in the name of the lord. Suicide is seen as a tax paid to announced group's grievances and achieve both its religious and political

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