Argumentative Essay On Syrian Refugees

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Mariam Ismail
Rhetorical Argument #1

Since the year 2011, the Syrian civil war has brought terrible atrocities upon the people of Syria. These atrocities have caused the Syrian people to lose their homes, livelihoods, family members, - and most importantly- their sense of security in their very own country. Ever since the war has been triggered, not only have people been wounded, permanently disabled, or killed, they also watched their homes getting destroyed and their loved ones killed in front of them. Moreover, children were traumatized as they closely witnessed violence and brutality. This in turn led to the need of about 13 million Syrians to receive humanitarian assistance. To their avail, several countries such as some major European nations, whom have given the Syrian people a refuge in their land, especially Germany. Although the help that these countries have given to Syria has saved hundreds of Syrians, more countries are needed to provide refuge to the Syrians since these European countries are already reaching full capacity and will sadly, not be able to accept more refugees. This paper is addressed to the Swedish government to join the humanitarian effort that few countries are providing and kindly consider providing the devastated refugees with a refuge.

First of all, Syrian refugees are a golden opportunity for Sweden on the economic scale. Sweden is a country with low unemployment and therefore is seeking skilled workers. Among the refugees

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