Argumentative Essay On Teaching English

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Full name: Gouddar Hanane
TEFL, Group 2
Argumentative Essay
Teaching English is often done in relation to teaching the English and American cultures. A heated debate about the cultural studies that takes place while teaching English has been raised. Many educationalists, anthropologists, and psychologists believe that exposing people to the English culture may damage their own view and understanding of their mother-culture. Others argue that this exposure would do nothing but enriching the learners? knowledge of different cultures in the world. However, in a world like ours, where wars and conflicts are easy to get started, it does not sound like a wise idea to ignore the cultural aspect of a given language but it should be done within a certain framework.
Teaching a language is not as simple as teaching the alphabets, grammar rules or pronunciations. The case is much more complex and involves more aspects and disciplines. It is widely believed that in order to fully understand and master a language one has to know more about the cultural background of that language. In other words, people who seek to learn the English language, its usage, idiomatic items, and even the meaning of its proverbs have to dig further into the English culture; the culture of the English spoken world. Culture is defined by Michael D. Lee as ?a set of norms that set standards for a society of what is acceptable behavior.? For Mr. Lee culture is what controls of what is

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