Plagiarism And Technology

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From writing to encoding, reading to surfing, and solving to browsing. We have landed to the new era. Technology already changed the way we live and changed the way we do a certain task. Technology can be a piece of metal, a plastic, or any solid material which can accomplish a certain task with just an ease. According to Ramay (2013), he defined technology as “a body of knowledge devoted to creating tools, processing actions, and extracting of materials” which he also pointed that technology is capable of crafting materials, accomplishing tasks, and fixing things. On the other hand, while technology advances, a lot of things are being replaced not just in the old fashion way, but also the world we are living. Even though technology promotes…show more content…
According to the study of Peña-Perez (2012), “Internet access has made cheating easier, enabling students to connect instantly with answer, friends to consult and works to plagiarize. And generations of research has shown that a major factor in unethical behavior is simply how easy or hard it is.”. Base on what he said, cheating and plagiarizing are easier because of internet access everywhere where students dosen’t care anymore if they learn or not. It is easier to cheat because during examination they use their smartphones while taking the exam and browse the internet to find answers. Technology may improve productiviy in learning, but it will also be the reason why students preffer cheatin than learning. So you can see that we became too dependent in technology that we didn’t notice the risk of using it which even our personal life is being mapped without us noticing it and the absence of it make us feel useless. I therefore conclude that technology helped us in a lot of ways in academics, job, and etc., but it is also the main reason why we became dumb and idle. Using technology is not a bad thing but using it carelessly will not just affect our privacy and health, but it will be a factor that will ruin our life forever. Be careful when using it and use it…show more content…
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