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The use of technology has been a controversial topic for many reasons (other than its effect on making us lazy). Many people say that our use of technology makes is bad for us. I disagree, but I do not think it is good for us either. I simply believe there is no affect on us from use/overuse of technology. Technology is just there. It has no objective good or bad to its use. I 'm not saying that it can not be used for bad things, all things can be used for malus. However, the topic of Little Brother (and him losing his privacy rights by doing so) is simply a layman concept in how the people approach it. The full truth is nobody cares and the average person can use technology and have nobody notice. Think about everything you’ve done recently. Has any of it been of any intrinsic value for anybody else to know? Does your school work or video gaming mean anything to anyone? I can answer that question for you from my own experience. Over a four day period I spent thirty-four hours on my phone or on my school work. I used it for the same reason the majority of students do, that is…show more content…
That is wrong for two reasons. Reason one, young people 's use of technology is not a necessity. Millennials and Gen Z use technology for leisure and fun most of the time. There is no reliance (for the most part) other than what teachers and bosses assign. Which leads to reason two; the people that rely on technology the most are the older generations. The longer you live the more likely you are to die. Technology as for the most part fixed that. Catherders, heart pumps, metal bone replacements, et cetera are all widely used by the older generations, giving them a literal reliance on technology. However, like I said, technology does not get rid of our privacy. Technology is more than phones, it is the tools we use to survive. In no way do machines that help your heart pump invade your
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