Argumentative Essay On Teen Curfews

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Argumentative III - Teen Curfews A lot of talk has been going around about a teen curfew, mainly a teen curfew that restricts them to be out no later than ten P.M. or later depending on the area. Most are saying that it is unconstitutional and should not be supported because it takes away, teens under the age of eighteen, their rights; while others think that it will lower crime rates and create a safer place for growing teens. But are we really so sure of that? People will learn that giving teens a curfew of any time will not only be ignored, but also raise crime rates in the worse way. Whenever someone talks about teen curfews, or curfews in general, most would agree that they would be helpful and bost the community in the best way possible; but ignore all of the…show more content…
Creating a curfew on a public place like a mall? Well the answer to that is yes. “They may be a year away from graduating high school and they may have their driver licenses but as of Nov. 17 [2006], teens who want to go to St. Louis Mills mall [in Missouri] on Friday and Saturday nights will have to hold mommy's hand. In order to provide more of a "family night atmosphere" the Mills has created a weekend curfew for customers under age 17, saying that if they wish to be at the mall after 6 p.m., a parent or guardian who is at least 21 must be in accompaniment. This rule, though adopted in other malls nationwide, such as the Mall of America in Minneapolis, is the first of its kind to appear in St. Louis. Although St. Louis Mills' decision to implement this rule may directly affect students in Clayton, perhaps we should think twice” (Clayton High School). Putting such restrictions on young adults or older teens is completely absurd, but what is even more absurd is to believe that taking away teens freedom will bode
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