Argumentative Essay On Teenage Pregnancy

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Have you ever wondered how teen parents live and survive in the world we live in today? Amanda was a teenage girl who didn’t mean to get pregnant. She found out when she went to the doctors for stomach aches. The next day she told her mother and her mother is very disappointed in her. After a few weeks went by, she moved in with her baby’s daddy. The whole school was making fun of her and wasn’t soon after her whole community found out. She was being shamed for her pregnancy and couldn 't get a good paying job to support her new family. When she was ready to have her child, she went into debt because she couldn 't afford for the care she need for her and her child. Not soon after, she became poor and went into poverty.

Teen pregnancy is a worldwide problem and needs to be addressed. Teen pregnancy is becoming more common. According to 94% of US adults,“Teen motherhood is considered ‘a bad thing for our society’” (Mollborn). This explains how unprepared teens are and how little they know about the choices they are making. Also, how little information is known. Schools are more influence than other places on teens. “Schools are an important site of influence on teens’ sexual behaviors, more so than neighborhoods” (Mollborn). This is how important schools are in the life of teenager. Also, how important education is. Therefore, teens that become pregnant are not properly prepared for motherhood.

The cost of motherhood is become a problem. Teens paying to take care of
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