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As Texas keeps expanding, it is bringing a lot of great and not so great things such as high rates of population size and illegal immigrants. However, the only way for Texas to fix or maintain its balance is to come up with laws. One of these laws are the Voter ID Law. The Texas Voter ID was implemented on August 5, 2015. However, the government is unverifiable whether the law will be kept on being a reality. In addition, not all fifty states have passed this law only 32 states have approved of this. On the 32 states that have this law some of these states only require to show strict photo ID, photo required but no ID, and sometimes there are people that do not have photo ID but can return within five days to show proof of who they are. Before…show more content…
As you know immigration is a huge problem in the United States, data shows that over the past year’s Texas has increases its size dramatically. In the website Texas State Historical Association states data that since the year 1850 Texas started out with the population of 212,592 and on 2010 the population growth increased to 25,145,561. However, we do not know the exact number of these people that are not American Citizens. In the Washington Post it states that “there are more than 11 million immigrants living, working and establishing families in the United States illegally”. Texas has approximately 1,650,000 almost close to 1.7 million of people who are illegal immigrants that are residents here. Even though California has the highest undocumented immigrants out of all fifty states, Texas is the second. Most of these undocumented immigrants make a huge difference which is increasing the population size of each state such as “California and Texas have undocumented immigrants account for 6.3 percent of the overall population” (The Washington Post). Yet, the race of undocumented immigrants are from Mexico. The Washington Post states that “52% of the undocumented population nationwide is Mexican”. Imagine if these illegal immigrants engage in voter fraud like, the state in Florida there where dozens of cases of voter fraud by illegal immigrants (Benson).Texas voting runs the risk of voter

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