Persuasive Essay On Textbooks Vs Technology

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Textbooks vs Technology: Is Technology Taking Over The World? In 2400 BC an amazing discovery was made, an invention of books started, many people use books for many years for education, books invention started in Egypt, books today Educated people and made them who they are today but, people still think that textbooks should be replaced with technology, some schools are still using textbooks while some are using both textbooks and technology but, what they fail to know is that technology is a high risk of cheating in school and distraction to school lesson. School administration should not replace textbooks with technology because technology is warping our memory, it is associated with health problems and it enables students to cheat on school work. School administration should…show more content…
It has found that people between the ages of 18 to 65 who frequently used smartphones and other electronic devices tend to have the worst attention span (Thirkettle & Pike). This is saying that people both young and old are facing short attention span because of technology. Technology cognitive abilities do affect our attention span by making them short (Thirkettle & Pike). This is saying that technology is infective to our attention core. YES, technology is helping the world but it’s also affecting our health. School administration should not replace textbooks with technology because it’s associated with health problems. Technology is making children less active and if you are less active you start gaining weight (Cook). This note is saying that when you are not doing anything you gain weight.according to pro. Greenfield being able to understand other people’s feelings is very important in the society ( Cook). This is saying that technology is making people misunderstand other people emotion. Technology is making people to care less about other people
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