Tablets Vs Textbooks Essay

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Tablets or Textbooks?

It was not so long ago when students around our age used heavy textbooks. Those days were quite memorable; back in middle school, students made bets and those who lose had to carry all those heavy textbooks to the classroom. These days young students may not know the heaviness. Since they have this privilege to not carry around heavy books, but use tablets. Our modern world is changing; the development of technologies are making our lives better and smarter. However, many people do not like young students carrying a tablet as their textbooks. Despite the opposition of tablets being used as a textbook, this essay will go ‘for’ for the tablets as textbooks for young students range from elementary to high school seniors.
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The reason for that is students do not have to carry heavy textbooks. Carrying heavy materials will give huge burden to the body. Dr. Zinal who is a paediatrician strongly argues that when a child carries heavy textbooks, they may have back pain or in worst case musculoskeletal problems which will lead to crooked spines and a blockage for students to grow.(HealthSite) By providing students electronical books, students can grow during their growth period without any strains. However, people might rebuttal that usage of the electronic device could damage the eyesight, headaches, and unbalanced posture.(ProCon) Eyesights damages could happen when people read hard copy books, or it could be genetics; eyesights problems are varied which people should not put all faults to the electronical device. Headaches can also occur when reading a hard copy book; the smell of the paper, ink, and the size of the alphabets would be the main reason for headaches. Carrying heavy books could cause musculoskeletal problems which could lead to unbalanced posture and hinder growth, but electronic books will not block the growth. People will not use tablets or Ipads for 24 hours 7 days, so people would stretch from time to time if they feel strains from their backs or their
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