Texting While Driving

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Argumentative Essay (Pro ban on texting while driving in the United States) You 're driving through a green light when to the right of you a driver comes flying through a red light, ←and→ it hits you causing your friend in the passenger seat to die on impact. Even though the driver who hit you was texting while driving, the accident is declared an accident. Missing the red stoplight, is no accident due to them texting, however that is not what the law states. This occurs at the end to most texting while driving accident that cause a fatality. Every day accidents occur due to the person who caused the accident multitasking ←or→ not giving their full attention to the road in front of them. There should be a ban on texting while driving since…show more content…
People do not realize how likely getting into an accident, resulting from sending one text on their phones, while being behind the wheel is. The Federal Communication Commission did research on how likely getting into an accident while texting ←and→ driving, resulted that an individual is “23 times more likely to cause ←or→ be in an accident,” (The Dangers of Texting While Driving). By sending one text an individual puts their life in danger, also the surrounding people. If people understood how likely getting into an accident while driving most people would stop. The ban would make it illegal to text, additionally it would be the main reason why people stop sending texts while driving because the punishment would not be worth it. On top of that, the statistics for people are so high for texting while driving, a huge percent of people who text ←and→ drive range in the teens from sixteen to their early twenties. Also, The Federal Communication Commission did more research on teens about texting. They found that “40% of teens were put in a dangerous situation in the car due to the driver using a cell phone while driving,”(The Dangers of Texting While Driving). Almost half of teens in America have seen at first hand drivers who are using their cell phones while driving. Resulting in a major problem due to, that if a teen has seen their family members using a phone while driving resulting in nothing had happened, it enables the teen to think that if they text ←and→ drive it would be the same outcome. Teens learn from their past experiences, creating a mindset of if it did not happen to them it would not happen to us, which is not the reality of anything. Accordingly, it would not be extremely shocking to find out that teens contribute to a major significance on accidents that are caused from
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