Argumentative Essay On Thanksgiving

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Do we really need to create a law that requires all businesses to close for Thanksgiving? No, because for the simple fact businesses only stay open during the Thanksgiving Holiday because of the amount of revenue it receives from the customers within the community. It is not always about how much money will be lost or gained, but how someone celebrates Thanksgiving. Some people do not get the opportunity to spend that time with family because they are stuck at work trying to supply for their family. Even though some may argue that, creating a law to close businesses on Thanksgiving would violate some people Freedom of Religion and/or Belief. As a community everyone can help stop businesses from staying open by not working nor shopping on Thanksgiving.
First of all, Thanksgiving is a holiday all about spending time with family and friends, and giving thanks for what they have received throughout the year. Many families celebrate Thanksgiving by eating a family quality meal together at the table. In today’s society these traditional traits are no longer appreciated. Many families still gather together to eat but do not spend the same amount of time together like in the past. If families would bring the traditional back there would be less issue on how we celebrate Thanksgiving or any other holiday. Second of all, think of the amount of people that work on Thanksgiving
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By not shopping or visiting stores will force businesses to lose money, which then leads to more employees not working on Thanksgiving, which now leads door closing on Thanksgiving. So this is why, even though some may argue that creating a law to close business on thanksgiving would violate some people freedom of religion, as a community everyone can help stop business from staying open by not working nor shopping on
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