'Life In The 1900s Or Women's Suffrage'

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The American Dream The American Dream is a belief in America as the new eden, bounty, and unlimited promise. It created a feeling of optimism and opportunity, which gave confidence in the triumph for the individual. But, this wasn’t achievable for everyone that came to or was already living in America. For native americans, women, and people caught in the crossfire of WWI, this dream was far off. Native Americans were beaten and killed for trying to fend settlers off from taking their land. Women were oppressed for wanting to be equal with men and have the right to vote. Victims of war were scared, killed, and injured without good reason. Here are the facts that back these statement up. To begin, we have the oppression and slaughter of the…show more content…
While women weren’t killed and made to move out of their homes, they were unfairly and unequally treated. What women wanted was equality to men. To gain the right to vote for their country. But, they weren’t getting it. So they came up with the idea to protest, which didn’t go as they planned. In the article, Life in the 1900s/Women’s Suffrage, it states, “Spectators assaulted the picketers, both verbally and physically. Police did nothing to protect the women. Soon, the police began arresting the suffragists on charges of obstructing traffic.” This text relays the more violent acts that were happening because of the women’s protests. Further into the article, you can read this passage, “By the time Alice Paul had been sent to prison, the fight for women’s suffrage had been going on for almost 70 years. . . . These early feminists wanted the same opportunities as men.” In this part of the article, we are told just how long women have been fighting for this. They had taken a stand long ago, but never saw any results. The President and the Government continued to ignore them, pretending that nothing was happening and that they didn’t need to be seen or treated as
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