Argumentative Essay On The Bling Ring

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Celebrity-obsessed privileged teens that were caught breaking into celebs mansions and stealing millions of dollars’ worth of valuables was the story of "The Bling Ring". The group all started from four high school teens with different backgrounds but same motives. The leader of the group was a girl teenager named Rebecca. Played a major part in the crimes these students begin to act on. Marc on the other end was new to the school a very quiet because of his self-esteem. He became friends with Rebecca, whom is very popular in his new school. He then begins to have a different approach on how the way his life could be. The other high school teens that participated in the burglaries, just like Marc they were all affected by the peer pressure from Rebecca. As the teens begin to commit crimes with Rebecca, they then begin…show more content…
Marc had a different outlook on things, compared to Rebecca and the other girls. He was never able to show the person he really wanted to be, due to him not being able to open up around his parents. He stayed to himself all through school until he met Rebecca one of the popular girl in school. Rebecca begins to talk to him, he started to over exaggerate when speaking to her. He made her think his dad was always working around celebs, which then made her more interested in their friendship. He explained to her how he had insight on celeb parties; from that moment forward things begin to get serious. He started to be taken advantage of by Rebecca without really knowing, due to the valuable money showering any other thoughts. Marc then gets arrested for the crimes he and his friends committed. That’s the moment Marc realized Rebecca was manipulating him, she left the state mysterious before the officers came to pick him and the other teens up. He was exposed as the arrest was made, when they pulled out the pink heels. His parents then saw what their son turned into behind closed doors. Lastly, the teens had an obsession with celebrities and their
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