Argumentative Essay On The Book Of Job

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The Book of Job provides an example of how people should praise God by illustrating a blameless, responsible, and fearing man who will always turn away from evil. Therefore, this book presents the same man tortured by outside forces lacking the possibility to acquire help from family and friends. Throughout the reading in particular (14:11) demonstrates how there was a moment of weakness in which Job fails and ask for his death, but after all, he did not commit sin and endured waiting for his torment to banish. In addition, the book reveals how men turned against a man in need and instead judged him without understanding the sources causing his disgrace. However, the book provides a comparison in how humans behave by providing vivid examples of characters who showed behaviors illustrating how humanity functions.
In general, humanity forgets the message from the book of Job and at moments curses God blaming him for all humanity 's disgraces. It is important to remember how God gave Satan approval to disturb Job by leaving him in his hands. Therefore, this provides evidence that God test 's humanity, but his hand is not involved in the process, as it is represented in (Job 1:12) “The Lord said to Satan, “Very well, then, everything he has is in your power, but on the man himself do not lay a finger.” As it was quoted Satan was the only one acting on Job, and God waited for Job to behave regardless of Satan 's actions. Consequently, this brings the following point, men reach

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