Argumentative Essay On The Chrysalids

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The Chrysalids Essay Throughout history there have been many examples of the constant battle between good and evil. In the Chrysalids by John Wyndham this occurs post apocalyptic war. This book was about a group of kids fighting for the rights for Blasphemies, against a community afraid to accept anything except the “true image”. In the chrysalids two characters represented hope for the future and one represented following the evil doings of the past. David and uncle Axel represented hope for the future, whereas Joseph Strorm represented the evil doings of the past. David always looked at life optimistically, trying to do what was best for the future. Uncle Axel always guide and supported the idea of acceptance. Joseph Strorm was evil and tried to relive the past. David represented hope for the future. Firstly David tried to protect and defend Sophie even when his father and the inspector had found out. In chapter 6 David said to the inspector: “but Sophie isn 't really different-not in any other way” (55). He also said: “Sophie 's my friend, my best friend” (56). This shows how much David cares for Sophie. He is aware that he is in trouble, and could be more punished by defending her, yet he still defended Sophie. He cared for her even though she did not fit the true image. Secondly he was constantly worrying about what would happen to his friends and sister, Petra. For example, he said: “That night, for the first time in years, I had a once familiar dream, only this
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