Argumentative Essay On The Dark Ages

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“The Dark Ages” Argumentative Essay
The 'Dark Ages' is a term often used synonymously with the “Middle Ages”. The musical phrase “Middle Ages” tells us more about the Renascence that followed it than it does about the geological era itself. Starting around the 14th Century, European thinkers, author and creative person Begin to look cover and celebrate the art and culture of ancient Greece and Rome. Accordingly, they dismissed the period after the fall of Rome as a “Middle” or even “Dark” years in which no scientific accomplishments had been brand , no great art produced, no great leaders Born . The people of the Middle Ages had squandered the advancements of their predecessors, this argument went, and mired themselves instead in what 18th-century English people historian Edward Antony Richard Louis Gibbon called “savagery and religion.”. Many textbooks list the 'Dark Ages' as extending from 500-1500 A.D. During this time
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In the time period they also had bad economy and they had no central government. Once Rome fell, no state or government united the people who lived in European. The population started dropping and some major settlements were abandoned. Within these three hundred long time, the hoi polloi of Hellenic Republic lived in small groups that moved constantly in accordance with their new pastoral life-style and livestock needs, while they left field no written record behind leadership to the decision that they were illiterate. Lifespan was undoubtedly harsh for the Greeks of the Dark ages. However, in retrospect we can identify one major benefit of the point. Walled towns were guarded by the feudal noble’s armies and provided security department and safety to the peasants and townspeople from the invading barbarians. One of the consequences of the feudal system was the declivity in church service body structure because of feudalistic pressures and control that was put upon
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