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Running Head: THE DREAM ACT
Is the Dream Act helpful to undocumented immigrants in the United States?
After being around for many years, the bill of Dream Act has reintroduced Lindsey Graham, Senator for South Carolina and other participants. A discussion between the president of U.S and congressional Democratic leaders focused on the combination of the Dream Act and the issue of border security as the components of the overall immigration deal. It is important to note that passing the bill would come as a win for Democrats who support that the bipartisan bill will form the foundation of compromise to protect the beneficiaries of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. The Dream Act mainly aims at
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All beneficiaries of DACA will be provided with a conditional green card apart from those who void the terms of permits will be denied the opportunity of possessing and using it. This bill pending will create a system that allows young unregistered immigrants especially, those who were brought into the U.S as children, to obtain conditional green cards. Upon the completing the requirement of the bill, young unregistered with conditional green cards will be able to apply for permanent residency as well as citizenship. All young immigrants who were brought into the U.S while they were less than 18 years of age will be required to pass a background check and maintain a clean criminal record. They will be able to acquire citizenship and get entitled to full constitutional rights as citizens of America. In addition, the Act will offer firm protection to immigrants who lose the conditional status of a green card (Amy & Holthaus, p.54). In such cases, a person is protected under the law that he or she will be able to continue staying in America and acquire higher education. A person, who has spent either two years or more in a higher degree program, served in the military for two or more years or has been in the employment industry for at least three years will still acquire citizenship after losing the conditional green card. Just like other Americans, the Dream Act…show more content…
The issues of persuading immigrants to join the military with the aim of acquiring citizenship can be misleading and dangerous (Philbin et al, n.d). The act affirms that young illegal immigrants will require joining the U.S military or enter one of the higher-level schools in order to get become full American citizenship. Being that some immigrants cannot afford the cost of joining higher-level schools in order to advance a grade, they are forced to join the military for the sake of getting a legal status. In the military, immigrants can be subjected to hard labor and sent out in missions in dangerous countries like Iraq. Hence, the act of forcing immigrants to join military appears inhuman. In this case, immigrants are subjected to wounds and other forms of injury before getting some fundamental human
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