Argumentative Essay On The Giver Euthanasia

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Do you think killing is compassionate? I think killing is compassionate if the person thinks its the best idea or they are suffering too much to want to live for longer. If they do not want to be killed it is murder. In Lois Lowry's the Giver, the society she came up with practiced Euthanasia on old and the young no matter how healthy or unhealthy they are.They killed even if someone made the smallest mistake like keeping the window open. The main character his jonas is the only one who can feel pain, emotions and see color. When he realises that his baby brother was going to be killed Jonas takes Gabe and runs away.
I think that Euthanasia is good if it is controlled and wanted.In the Giver Euthanasia is called release and it is used if a
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After the elderly can not work any more they live in a home with other older people for a few years then they are released. In the Giver Jonas realizes that release means murder and that the old and the young all die early “Release is always like that? For the people who break the rules three times? For the old, do they kill the old too?”(c.20).I think the old get to live for as long as they want or until they naturally die. It is like the old have an expiration date.For us it is called euthanasia and it is legal in most states. If you wish to die you can get aid from another and pass away painlessly. My grandfather joined a group of people who supported euthanasia. Everyone in the group planned to pass away when they had “ No quality of life.” That is what the called. Once my grandfather was ready he had his son drive him to a hotel and supply him with medications. When my grandfather arrived he got scared and lived on until he died…show more content…
I think they should use release as punishment if someone did something crazy and not miniscule.”Immediantailly, the rasping voice through the speaker had said. Leave your bicycles where they are.”(p.2) One part of the book a pilot gets released because he flies over the town accedentally.One thing that you could get in trouble for is leaving your window open. If you do that and two other crimes you are killed. In our society it is the death penalty and it is legal in certain states like Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, and Kentucky. I think that the death penalty should stay legal and that it should only be used if someone does something outrageous. The use of the death penalty should be controlled by the people. In an case I think the people should decide if the death penalty should be enforced. It should not be up to one person to decide if someone
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