Argumentative Essay On The Glass Castle

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The Glass Castle Argumentative Essay The memoir, The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls, is an inspirational, eye opening, and a giggling type of story. Although there are some problems in this story that she encounters in her early years, she uses these problems to better herself for what may lay ahead of her. I am writing about what I think of her parents, Rex and Rose Mary Walls, and if they are acceptable parents, or inadequate parents to Jeannette and her siblings Lori, Brian, and Maureen. I, however, do not agree that Rex and Rose Mary Walls are acceptable parents. I believe they are inadequate parents. My opinion is based on everything, Jeannette had experienced in her early years as a child, and as a teen growing up in Welch. The first reason why I think Rex and Rose Mary Walls are inadequate parents, is the skedaddle. The skedaddle is something that Rex and Rose Mary Walls used as an excuse to escape the “FBI” and debt collectors (and they had a large sum of debt). One example of the skedaddle is, when Jeannette was 3 years of age. She was making hot dogs with boiling water on their stove top with an open flame. Her dress caught on fire and she was rushed to the hospital with very serious burns. She was there for about 6 weeks until Rex came to bust her out. Then, they used the thrill of the skedaddle to keep Lori, Brian, and Jennette’s mind off of what they are really running from. The second reason is, Jeannette and her family having no home sweet home. One of the
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